This article is for whom wanted to see what the Japanese contractual working stack will be.

This Day 1 blog is written by my sales experience in Singapore who know only Japanese IT contractual work culture.

*my English isn’t good, so appreciate any comments and questions that helping us for better understanding


I’m not too sure the situations in other countries, but my experience in Singapore gave me some doubts:

Is a Japanese contracting work strange?

I was doing sales of contracting IT workers in Singapore, but no company was interested in.

so we knew that “well, business practices would be different, and a small market size can be expected”

Different customs and a small market made our sales much tough to penetrate…

One day, I was in the meeting with a company that has a business account with each headquarters in Japan.

I thought that making a new account in Singapore won’t be much hassle.

In front of me, one happy client was carefully but positively listening to my explanation.

Once reaching the section how we dispatching our workers for the client, the Japanese lady who works in the Japanese company in Singapore told me that

“Is that even legal???”

I was so surprised, and talked back to her that “please ask your engineer or manager that how we do business together”

I wanted to believe she is a newbie in the company and doesn’t much know about the contract we usually make.

But when I looked her email quoted her manager’s comment, I realized (or even I knew it, but can’t accept) the fact that the market is not small, it doesn’t even exist.

After some researchers, the scheme “a staffing, a dispatching or a contractual work, well maybe in English, there is no word for [Japanese Haken(派遣)] huh” does exist for only specific condition and special industries like military, IT and few industries.

It means that the scheme is obviously not the mainstream like Japan.

Our profitability relies on the business model that dispatching the contractual workers to the client’s company.

If we change it to a regular recruiting business, our resources in Singapore was not sufficient because we are only 3 people in the office.

Besides I was here to sale myself to a company as a IT contractual worker. When I sold myself, my wage would be up, and I can be able to bring my wife in Japan to here Singapore who pregnant…

My plan turned into super difficult and I truly understand how important due diligence is.