the first season for buying keyboard is here

[Requirements for my new keyboard]
– Bigger size than my elecom TK-DCP03BK
– A touch pad that located in center
– Bluetooth is available
– No AC cable or 10-key (Numeric keypad)
– As ergonomic as possible

This is elecom TK-DCP03BK

I had had no problem with this keyboard for 3 years.
However I somehow recognized that this one is a little small for me to use it for long time.
When I use Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA F6Y30, my hands will not get tired for 10 hours. but this elecom keyboard, 1 or 2 hours is now my new limit to keep using this.
Asus Chromebook’s keyboard size is :
Length : 27 cm
Width : 10.5 cm
1 key : 1.5cm * 1.5cm
ELECOM keyboard size is :
Length : 24.5 cm
Width : 9 cm
1 key : 1.3cm * 1.3cm

Wait…! only that much gap??? and causing so much differences for sense of use???
okay, so for the keyboards, we need to care more details.

Sanwa Supply 400-SKB063 (¥6,980)
Sanwa Supply SKB-ERG6BK (¥11,870)
Sanwa Supply  SKB-ERG5BK (¥5,790)

From the conclusion, I purchased SKB-ERG5BK on Yodobashi Camera Online.
The reason is not that the price is the lowest but the size is the smallest that does not have 10-key.
(keyboards are the same size.)

400-SKB063 (10-key) (¥6,980)

SKB-ERG6BK (10-key) (¥11,870)

SKB-ERG5BK (no 10-key) (¥5,790)

It was the battle of “wireless” vs “no 10-key”.
“no 10-key” won. that is because the wireless is USB wireless… not Bluetooth wireless…
In this case, the wireless is less attractive for me and the size W521×D236×H38mm was too big for me.
Besides, without 10-key, the size would be W350mm×D203mm×H43mm which looks great for new keyboard.
Here is some more :
– This touchpad is not capable of “gestures” (so no big difference of trackball functionality.)
– The buttons “home”, “end”, “pageup” and more are away from the main keyboard. it causes more “moving hands”.

I’m always wondering why we do not find a lot of “keyboards with touchpad in the middle(the center)” every time I search for it.
I do not think there is no demand for it, but less products are produced…